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Dr Adam Kirk

Dr Adam Kirk

12 Jun, 2020

myCOPD receives a NICE endorsement

Clinical Director Dr Adam Kirk on my mHealths's achievement on receiving NICE endorsement for their myCOPD app.

mycopd nice endorsed app
myCOPD has been endorsed by NICE, the National Institute for Health and care Excellence.

For the last 10 years, my mhealth has led the way in developing digital products for long-term conditions management. The applications, developed using our clinical expertise and in accordance with NICE and disease-specific guidelines, support patients and healthcare professionals to manage COPD, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and more recently COVID-19.

It is with great pleasure that we announce myCOPD has successfully undergone a NICE MedTech Innovation Briefing assessment, the final summary being published on April 1st, 2020.

Through the assessment, NICE has confirmed, after appraisal of evidence that:

  • myCOPD helps people and healthcare professionals to manage COPD and reduce the number of healthcare visits they need.
  • That it allows for care (such as pulmonary rehabilitation) to be provided remotely, based on a person's self-assessed needs. It can also help people with COPD to manage their condition at home where services are limited because of COVID-19.
  • MyCOPD can be used for the self-management of patients and as an alternative to some routine healthcare visits such as pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • myCOPD is associated with reduced COPD symptom severity and improved inhaler technique.
  • The cost of myCOPD at £40/licence compares well against the estimated cost of an 8-week outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation programme which ranges from £522 to £1,044 per person.

This inclusion into best practice by NICE, as a tool to support patients and healthcare professionals is a ringing endorsement of the utility and quality of my mhealth products.

Delivering care to ALL patients with long-term conditions is challenging at the best of times and our products sit well, alongside current clinical services, as a companion and tool to finally deliver the digital healthcare revolution we have all been waiting for.

If you're a healthcare professional and want to know more about how myCOPD can help your patients, you can find out more at or by calling my mhealth on 0044 (0)1202 299 583


COPD NICE Endorsed app

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