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Globally there are over 400 million people with diabetes. myDiabetes provides 24-hour self-management, education and expert advice to patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

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For Patients

myDiabetes brings you the most comprehensive, user-friendly and intuitive diabetes app available on any device. Built by diabetes experts, myDiabetes puts you in control like never before, with expert education on all aspects of diabetes care. Monitor your blood glucose, HbA1C, and other risk factors to reduce your risk of serious long term complications. myDiabetes also brings you closer to your clinician, enhancing and enabling efficient care remotely.

DM:Fit Fitness and Nutrition Program for type 2 diabetics

DM:Fit Fitness and Nutrition Program

DM:Fit is a structured 12-week exercise and nutritional program for type 2 diabetics that's designed to control blood sugar, cholesterol, HbA1C and weight and can be completed at home.

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Diabetes Educational Course

Our diabetes education course delivers structured education directly to you. Accredited by QISMET, our course offers support to your current educational program or provides you with a convenient alternative.

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Diabetes checklist

There are several important checks you need to make sure your diabetes is well controlled, and to reduce your risk of long term complications. The diabetes checklist allows you to keep track of these.


Everyone with diabetes is treated as an individual, and as such, every person with diabetes will have individual targets.

blood glucose

Monitor and manage your blood glucose and HbA1c

Controlling your blood sugar is the most important part of managing your diabetes. See how well you are performing against targets.


Keep track of your health by monitoring cholesterol levels, blood pressure, kidney health, medication and much more.

patient reports
eyes, kidney and foot care

Eyes, kidney and foot care

Diabetes can damage your eyesight, kidneys and feet, and it is important that you have these examined at least once a year. Learn more about how you can prevent long term damage to these with myDiabetes.


Notifications inform you if your clinician has made any changes to your patient account or has sent you a message. You will also receive notifications from the Symptonet about your Diabetes control.

bluetooth devices

Bluetooth connectivity

my mhealth are constantly working to make monitoring your condition even easier. myDiabetes now connects to several Bluetooth devices including:

  • Omron Blood pressure monitor
  • Omron Scales to measure your weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • GlucoRX Nexus Blue and Agamatrix Kronos to monitor your blood glucose levels.

Educational Topics

What is Diabetes?
Diabetes Treatments - Insulin
Diabetes Treatments - Monitoring
How to Use Insulin
How to Manage Your Diabetes If You Are Unwell
Coping with a Hypoglycaemia
Carbohydrate Counting
Balanced Diet and Carbohydrates
Eating a Healthy Diet
Fats and Diabetes
Exercise - on Insulin
The Health Checks You Need
Getting Your Eyes Checked
Looking After Your Feet
How to Carry Out a Touch the Toes Test
Kidney Health
Controlling Your Risk of Heart Disease
Smoking Cessation
How to Measure Your Blood Pressure
How to Prepare For Pregnancy

For Clinicians

myDiabetes was developed to help you manage individual patients and your entire patient population, allowing you to prioritise those who need diabetes health checks or interventions. Select an individual patient to see if they're meeting their targets, to view their latest reports and to update their treatment.

Patients checklist

The patient checklist shows you which patients are under your care, who needs a particular diabetes check, and when. Helping you to prioritise your resources accordingly.

patient checklist
patient results

Patients results

This list allows you to view the latest results from your patients, and prioritise those most at need. For example, target patients with the highest HbA1C and BMI.

Patient profile

The profile page allows you to view at a glance individual patients checklists, targets, medication and demographics. From this page, you can access the complete set of patient reports, change medication and contact the patient.

patient profile

Target setting

Remotely set targets for individual patients. All changes from the clinician interface update the patient's app, instantly.

Send messages or notifications

Send messages to individual patients, identified patient groups or broadcast health messages to your patients for free. Also, any changes you make to the patient record e.g. change of medication – will be sent automatically to your patient in their notification tile, and update their application, instantly.

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