Empowering patients to manage their heart conditions for a lifetime.

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myHeart is a comprehensive platform for patients suffering with heart disease, and for those who have undergone recent heart surgery. The app delivers an individualised self-management and cardiac rehabilitation platform that is customised to the individual. Using our award-winning rehabilitation platform, and integrating over 50 new educational videos, myHeart brings the very best support to patients suffering with these conditions.

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For Patients

myHeart is for patients suffering with the following heart conditions

Heart Failure
Heart Attack
Post PCI
Valve Replacement
Valve Repair
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG)
Valvular Heart Disease

Cardiac rehabilitation

Full cardiac rehabilitation program relevant for you and your condition.

cardiac rehabilitation

educational course

Educational courses

Individualised comprehensive patient education course so you know what is required to achieve the very best outcome for your heart health.

Recovering from heart surgery

Post-surgery recovery program with walking and stretching video instruction.

flexibility icon



Lifestyle and risk factor interventions – such as blood pressure, cholesterol and exercise.


Synchronise your wearables (Jawbone and Fitbit – more to be added soon).




Store and view your uploaded ECG and ECHO reports.

Post cardiac surgery

Post cardiac surgery and post heart attack educational courses.

cardiac surgery

medication diary

Medication diary

The medication diary allows you to record when you have taken your medication, so you never miss a dose.

Heart failure

Heart failure management for patients suffering with this condition.

heart failure

clinician dashboard

Use myHeart with your clinician

Use with your clinician to receive notifications, messages and other important notices (if they are using our software).


Notifications inform you if your clinician has made any changes to your patient account or has sent you a message. Notifications is also where you will receive messages from the symptonet about your condition.


Educational Topics

Anatomy of the Heart
Risk Factors
Smoking Cessation
Eating a Healthy Diet
Alcohol in Heart Disease
Sexual Activity After Heart Surgery
Tips to Increase Your Activity After Your Rehabilitation Course
How to Measure Your Blood Pressure
Heart Failure
Fluid Intake
Valvular Heart Disease
Early Mobilisation
Common Problems After Heart Surgery
The First Few Weeks After Heart Surgery
Advice Following Heart Surgery
Pain and Discomfort After Surgery
Returning to Work After Heart Surgery
Travel After Heart Surgery
Acute Coronary Syndromes
Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Heart Attack
Recovery Following a Heart Attack
Wound Care Following PCI
General Wound Care
When You are Discharged Home
Chest Pain Following PCI

For Clinicians

For clinicians myHeart enables you to manage and support your patient population like never before.

Support remotely your patients with heart failure, post cardiac event or surgery.

Deliver, and manage remotely a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation and education course, individualised to that patient’s condition.

Manage your patients with heart failure by monitoring remotely their weight, weight change, symptoms, blood pressure and more.

Manage individual patients remotely by setting targets, monitoring and managing risk factors and reviewing their recent ECHO and ECG reports.

Send an individual message to a patient, or a message to your entire patient population.

For more information you can download our myHeart brochure.

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