Empowering patients to manage their COPD for a lifetime.

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myCOPD is the most comprehensive, user friendly and intuitive COPD App available on any device. Built by COPD experts, and externally peer reviewed by leading NHS COPD consultants and teams, myCOPD puts patients, and their clinical team in control like never before.

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For Patients

myCOPD is the complete app for patients suffering with COPD. From perfecting your inhaler technique with our inhaler videos, receiving education from world experts, and a complete online pulmonary rehabilitation class; myCOPD will deliver to you the very best in COPD care.

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Educational course

Full online educational course from world experts.

Educational Course

inhaler technique

Inhaler videos

We show you how and when to use your medication. 90% of patients with COPD are unable to use their inhalers correctly. This section will help you correct all of those errors, instantly.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

No more waiting lists and no more travel. A complete pulmonary rehabilitation program delivered in your home.

In a randomised controlled trial against gold standard class based programs, myCOPD has been shown to be non-inferior in improving 6-minute walk test distances and CAT test scores.*

*[Bourne S, DeVos R, North M, et al Online versus face-to-face pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: randomised controlled trial BMJ Open 2017;7:e014580. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-014580]

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Lung Function

Lung function

View your lung function and upload reports using the lung function tile. Monitor trends of your lung function over time using the reports button.


You can view how your symptoms change over the weeks, months and years in the reports section. Find out if you are on the right medication according to expert opinion.


patient dashboard

Use myCOPD with your clinician

If your clinician uses my mhealth software to manage their patients then enhance your care by linking your account with theirs.

Weather and pollution forecasting

Receive an accurate forecast daily and understand how the weather and air pollution in your local area can impact on your health. You can then plan your day with more confidence.

Weather, pollution and pollen forecast



Notifications inform you if your clinician has made any changes to your patient account or has sent you a message. Notifications is also where you will receive messages from the symptonet about your COPD control.

Self management plan and inhaler diary

Know when, and how to take your medication with our online, easy to follow, self-management plan. You can also record when you have taken your treatment in the medication diary.

self-management plan

Educational Topics

Anatomy of the lungs and what is COPD
Exercise and COPD
Smoking cessation
Medication and treatment
Chest clearance
Anxiety and depression
Sex and breathlessness

For Clinicians

myCOPD enables you to deliver the very best in patient self management, expert education, inhaler technique training and a complete pulmonary rehabilitation course online. Accessible on almost any device that connects to the internet. myCOPD has been shown to deliver the same outcomes as access to a face to face rehabilitation class, and correct 98% of inhaler errors. myCOPD allows you to manage your patients like never before.

Manage your patient population

The patient dashboard shows you which patients are under your care, their current symptoms and CAT score. Order patients according to these symptoms - an easy search bar enables you to fetch your patient instantly.

patient list


Improving healthcare efficiency

View your patients on the local geography using the map function, enabling you to manage your community team efficiently prioritising patients most at need.

Locate and view your patients profile either using the clinical dashboard or via map function.

Patient profile

The patient profile page allows you to instantly view key aspects of your patients COPD profile, change their COPD medication, view your medication selection against national guidelines and update their key details to deliver their annual review. Anything you update on the profile, updates your patients myCOPD platform - change their inhaler device? This instantly delivers the new medication diary and video to their device.

patient dashboard


Real time patient symptom tracking

The patients profile allows you to track their symptoms over time. Delivering an intervention such as a new drug or pulmonary rehabilitation? myCOPD allows you to view, in real time, if this intervention is succeeding.

Lung function

Upload and view previous spirometry for your patient and track their pulmonary function over time, in reports.

lung function

pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Start your patients on their pulmonary rehabilitation program today using myCOPD. Tracking their progress using the clinician interface enables you to monitor where they are in the program instantly and if their symptoms have improved over the course.

Clinician education

View your prescriptions against national guidelines, check medication conflicts and assess overall monthly cost of your prescription. Use the inhaler video tab to update yourself on inhaler education, on all inhaler devices or use the video button to deliver education to the patient at their community or clinic visit.

educational videos

send message

Send messages or notifications

Send messages to individual patients, identified patient groups or broadcast health messages to your patients for free. Also any changes you make to the patient record e.g. change of medication – will be sent automatically to your patient in their notification tile, and update their application, instantly.

Before and after using myCOPD

95% of patients improved their symptom score using myCOPD

See the difference myCOPD made to Mr G from Southampton.

Mr G has severe COPD, he used myCOPD for a 3 month period and the difference in his appearance, fitness and inhaler technique was acheived without any other clinical intervention.

myCOPD has proven to correct 98% of inhaler errors (present in over 90% of patients) with no other clinical intervention.

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MyCOPD is available at zero cost for selected patients through the NHS England Innovation and Technology Tariff.

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