Read about our new COVID-19 Virtual Ward app that's helping the NHS manage the current coronavirus pandemic.

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Providing healthcare organisations with apps to help and manage COVID-19, COPD, asthma, diabetes and heart disease patients


Prices reduced by 50% to help you win the fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the health service. With the current focus on reducing transmission through social distancing, many appointments, operations, pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation classes have been cancelled. We can help you get up and running with remote COPD, asthma, diabetes and heart disease patient management within 48 hours.

Our response to COVID-19

Who benefits from my mhealth?

Our current suite of apps support clinical teams and people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, diabetes, heart disease and most recently Covid-19. And that list is growing. We've built a 360° cloud-based system to support multiple user-groups including clinical managers, clinicians and patients. Fully remote health care, at scale. We connect clinicians and patients like no other online health care service, giving each side of the partnership a set of easy-to-use self-management tools, rehabilitation, educational courses, reporting mechanisms, a messaging system, checklists and more. And that means everyone benefits from my mhealth.

Don't just take our word for it

Here's just some of the feedback we receive from our patients and clinical teams every day.

This use of technology has made a huge difference to the people we care for by ensuring that our services and staff are more efficient. Patient's families are more involved and are supporting their loved ones to learn how to use the apps.

Lisa, Southend University Hospital

Using myDiabetes has enabled us to offer patients an alternative to face-to-face education which has been extremely comforting for patients. It's great to have another tool and we feel reassured that patients are not going to miss out on the advice they need.

Clarissa, NELFT Diabetes Service

We offer the myCOPD app to all of our COPD patients. Since pulmonary rehab has been suspended due to the coronavirus, we have recommended patients use the app for pulmonary rehab.

Ruth, Mid and South Essex STP

This is the first time I have been given a self-management plan and medicines at home for my COPD. When I had an episode it was a bit daunting but I noticed that I recovered quicker and didn't need to go into hospital or bother my GP.

Celia, 73, Southampton

Since starting myCOPD both myself, my wife and, my family have noticed how much more I can do. I watch the videos to make sure I take my inhalers correctly and have started exercising three times a week using the videos. Now I can walk faster than my wife!

Michael, 74, Havant 

I look forward to using it every day. Each day I use the myCOPD symptom tracker, Medication Diary and COPD Assessment Test. This helps me to check my current and recent results, especially when I'm not feeling well.

Anon, West Suffolk

We're proud of our partnerships

We don't just take pride in our software, or our tireless commitment to providing remote healthcare services to the people who need it most. We also take pride in building close partnerships with our clients and suppliers. Here are just a few of the organisations we count amongst our friends.

Invest in the future. Reap the rewards today.

When supporting your entire patient population the savings on traditional face-to-face health care for COPD, asthma, diabetes and heart disease care are significant. And that means you'll free up resources to invest in and enhance other care pathways. So, when we say our service benefits everyone, we mean it. Evidenced based rehabilitation, annual reviews, health checks, education and much more can be delivered remotely, semi-autonomously and with clinical oversight to enable health care delivery at a scale never before realised. With so many services moving online, like banking, shopping and government services, your patients are now expecting something similar in the health care space. An "always-on" service, and now you can provide it. You'll be investing in the future of health care, and we'll get you started today.

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