Empowering patients to manage their asthma for a lifetime.

Our first app to be powered by Symptonet

Globally there are 300 million people with asthma, making it one of the most common long-term conditions. myAsthma provides 24 hour self-management, education and expert advice to patients with adult asthma.

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myAsthma is our first app to incorporate Symptonet technology. Symptonet is our AI engine that assists patients in managing their condition based on their symptoms, type of asthma and health checks e.g. if the Symptonet detects a patient is using their rescue inhaler 3 or more times a week it will send them a prompt. Symptonet drives the patient annual review and other health checks, sends reminders on inhaler instruction, known triggers etc. actively managing the patient to deliver better outcomes.

For Patients

myAsthma brings you the world's first online self-management app helping you to achieve the very best control. Built by asthma experts with patients, myAsthma puts you in control like never before. Suitable for users 12 years of age or older.

Educational course

A complete educational course to help you manage your asthma.

educational course

inhaler technique

Inhaler technique training

Learn how to take your inhalers correctly using our unique set of inhaler videos. My asthma contains videos for every inhaler device (and spacer). Access to these has been shown to correct 98% of inhaler errors.

Online peak flow and symptom tracking

The peak flow and symptoms diary allows you to track your morning and evening peak flow, alongside your day and night time symptoms.

peak flow

lung function

Lung function

View your lung function and upload reports using the lung function tile. Monitor trends of your lung function over time using the reports button.

Symptom and assessment tracking

myAsthma collects your daily symptoms and stores them in a report, so you can keep track of how well your asthma is controlled.

Symptoms and Assessment Tracking

Weather, pollution and pollen forecast

Weather, Pollution and pollen forecasting

Weather, pollution and pollen can all impact on your symptoms, you can view the latest reports and guidance for your current location.

Action plan

The myAsthma action plan allows you to understand what medication to take and when. Patients who use an action plan, have been shown to have fewer asthma attacks and are 4 times less likely to be admitted to hospital with their asthma. Action plans help you understand the signs and symptoms that show your asthma is getting worse, and how to adjust your medication.

action plan

patient notification


This is where you may receive information from your clinician, or where messages from the Symptonet, about you asthma control, are received.

Educational Topics

What is Asthma?
Symptoms Overview
Medication Introduction
Reliever & Preventer Inhalers
Long Acting & Combination Inhalers
SMART or MART Inhalers
Leukotriene Medication
Theophylline Medication
Brochial Thermoplasty
Anti IGE Medication
Asthma Attacks
Smoking Cessation
Asthma Triggers
Coping with Stress

For Clinicians

myAsthma allows you to manage your patient population like never before. Suitable for users 12 years of age or older.

Manage your patient population

The patient dashboard shows you which patients are under your care, their current symptoms and ACT score.

patient population


Improving health care efficiency

View your patients on the local geography using the map function, enabling you to manage your community team efficiently prioritising patients most at need.

Locate and view your patients profile either using the clinical dashboard or via the map function.

Patient profile

The patient profile page allows you to instantly view key aspects of your patients asthma profile. You can change their asthma medication, view your medication selection against national guidelines and update their key details to deliver their annual review. Anything you update on the profile, updates your patients myAsthma platform - change their inhaler device? This instantly delivers the new medication to the medication diary, updates their action plan and adds the relevant inhaler video to their device.

patient dashboard

lung function

Lung function

Upload and view previous spirometry for your patient and track their pulmonary function over time, in reports.

Real time patient symptom tracking

The reports function allows you to track their symptoms and assessments in real time.

symptom tracking

inhaler videos

Clinician education

View your prescriptions against national guidelines, check medication conflicts and assess overall monthly cost of your prescription. Use the inhaler video tab to update yourself on inhaler education, on all inhaler devices, or use the video button to deliver education to the patient at their community or clinic visit.

Send messages or notifications

Send messages to individual patients, identified patient groups or broadcast health messages to your patients for free. Also any changes you make to the patient record e.g. change of medication – will be sent automatically to your patient in their notification tile, and update their application, instantly.

send message
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