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Dr Simon Bourne

Dr Simon Bourne

5 Aug, 2020

my mhealth release new instant, on-demand pop-up virtual ward service to manage and monitor patients with diagnosed or suspected COVID-19

Available to license directly from my mhealth or from the CCS Spark DPS, COVID-19 Virtual Ward is already helping people across the UK.

With the possibility that further waves of COVID-19 will cause yet more disruption to the health service, my mhealth have enhanced their COVID-19 virtual ward app. This new product combines an upgraded app with a wraparound support package, that enables clinical teams to open a virtual ward within 48 hours to safely manage and monitor patients with COVID-19 at home, or in a care home.

The patient is given access to an app that can be used on almost any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) which records their symptoms as well as observations from a pulse oximeter, twice a day. The app instantly provides patients and their care team with messages/alerts aligned to the new NHS England COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Guidelines

The COVID-19 Virtual Ward comes with a full customer support program for both the clinical site and the patient. Not only have we further refined the application to meet the needs of clinical teams and patients, but we have also streamlined our deployment processes meaning a COVID-19 Virtual Ward can be set up and ready to receive patients within 48 hours, guaranteed. Each patient is supplied with a pulse oximeter directly from us within 24 hours, and we facilitate the admission by assisting patients in using the app and the pulse-oximeter. Patients can be discharged from the ward at any time, and a copy of their stay can now be exported to the clinical record.

On contract signature we will work with clinical teams, local information and clinical governance leads to get all of the approvals, training and permissions in place, so when NHS providers need to activate the ward, all of these processes are covered, reducing the risk of any unnecessary delays.

"This new product is a game-changer for the safe remote management of patients with COVID-19, and combined with our integrated long-term condition platform can optimise patients most at risk during their virtual stay"

COVID-19 Virtual Wards are set up for a one-off fixed fee and can be activated at any time over a 3-year period. The cost includes site setup, training, and the postage/distribution of a pulse oximeter for each patient.

For more information please visit or contact us at for a free demonstration.

Read how one local PCN used the application to manage and monitor patients with COVID-19 and long-term conditions during the pandemic.


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