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Alison Blythin

Alison Blythin

24 June, 2021

my mhealth and University of Southampton announced as Round 2 Winner of The Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award

The Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award aims to benefit patients by combining the power of artificial intelligence with the expertise of the NHS to improve health and care outcomes.

my mhealth Limited and the University of Southampton have been announced as a winner of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award. The design of mySmartCOPD was one of nine projects to achieve funding at Phase 2 in Round 2 of the programme.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a serious yet common disease affecting the lungs. Patients with COPD often experience ‘exacerbation events’ which are acute worsening of symptoms that frequently lead to hospitalisation. The development of mySmartCOPD aims to use machine-learning and artificial intelligence to predict exacerbations several days in advance and transform person-centred COPD management. Preventing exacerbations is essential to promote health, and reduce the burden on patients and the NHS.

mySmartCOPD will be based on the myCOPD self-management application which is currently used by many NHS clinical services and patients. It will deliver a new clinical COPD management model using machine learning for early personalised prediction of exacerbation and intervention. This will be integrated into myCOPD and used to establish clinical prototypes based on artificial intelligence predictors. Personalised alerts will be sent to patients and clinicians to work towards preventing an exacerbation. mySmartCOPD aims to support patients to be aware and understand their own COPD, and help them to take action to prevent an exacerbation event leading to less emergency appointments and admissions to hospital.

The Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award aims to benefit patients by combining the power of artificial intelligence with the expertise of the NHS to improve health and care outcomes.

The award is making £140 million available over four years to accelerate the testing and evaluation of technologies most likely to meet the aims set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.

The award is one of the programmes of the NHS AI Lab at NHSX and is run by the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) in partnership with the NIHR. Each round of the Award supports technologies at different levels of maturity, targeting health and care improvements where they are needed most, by both patients and NHS staff.

The AI in Health and Care Award is increasing the impact of AI systems in helping to solve both clinical and operational challenges across the NHS, including reducing waiting times, improving early diagnosis and saving staff time. It will speed up the most promising technologies through the regulatory process by building an evidence base to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of artificial intelligence in health and care.

Co-founder of my mhealth Limited and Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Tom Wilkinson said:

"This award recognises the cutting edge expertise of mymhealth and the University of Southampton and will enable us to develop predictive and personalised tools which will transform outcomes for some of our most vulnerable patients. It is vital that the revolution in digital healthcare is harnessed for all and this is the next chapter in the success of myCOPD as one of the first nationally scaled digital solutions in the NHS."

University of Southampton, Professor Michael Boniface said:

"Our research has demonstrated that machine learning can predict COPD exacerbation several days in advance. Such predictions will transform clinical models, empower patients and improve quality of life. Trust in AI and acceptance of AI supported disease management will be essential, and by engaging people living with COPD through co-design, mySmartCOPD will not only demonstrate safety and reliability but will also ensure solutions are engaging, effective and address diverse needs."

Sir Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, said:

"Through our NHS AI Lab we're now backing a new generation of ground-breaking but practical solutions to some of the biggest challenges in healthcare."

Matthew Gould, chief executive of NHSX, said:

"These trials are making the AI revolution a reality for patients. Today’s award winners will push NHS AI into new areas. The possibilities are immense. This work will help ensure the NHS is a world leader in safe use of AI in health and care."

If you want to find out more about this award or how myCOPD can help your patients please get in touch here or call us on +44 (0)1202 299 583.


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