COVID-19 Virtual Ward: COVID-19 Monitoring and Warning System

Manage your patients remotely or in a care home with home oximetry.

Reduce the risk of mortality and length of hospital stay with COVID-19 Virtual Ward

Patients managed in COVID-19 Virtual Wards have a significantly reduced risk of mortality and a shorter length of hospital admission compared to usual care*.

A retrospective study of 1496 patients in North Hampshire, United Kingdom, has shown conclusively that patients admitted to hospital who were remotely monitored at home for oxygen desaturation and worsening of symptoms, in a virtual ward environment, had significantly reduced odds of longer length hospital stays, and mortality.

*Source: Oximetry at home: evaluation of patient outcomes (2nd June 2021

How the COVID-19 Virtual Ward app works

With a strong possibility that further waves of COVID-19 will cause disruption to the health service, the COVID-19 Virtual Ward enables you to safely manage and monitor patients with COVID-19 at home or in a care home. Reducing admissions to hospital and enabling social distancing. And we can get your ward up and running within 48 hours.

The system comes with a dedicated technical support service for both the clinical site and the patient and a full logistical service to help with patient and clinician onboarding, and if required, the delivery of pulse oximeters to patients or sites within 24 hours.

The COVID-19 Virtual Ward app also integrates with our other condition apps to enable patients to be managed alongside their entire long-term condition pathway. For example, a patient with COPD can optimize their condition while on the virtual ward with our award-winning MyCOPD app.

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Deploy in 48 hours

Clinics, GP practices, care homes, nursing homes, hospitals...

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You register patients

No waiting, no delays, instant access for both carer and patient

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Pulse oximeters distributed

We handle the logistics and delivery to carers or patients

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Start reporting symptoms

Twice daily, either by the carer or patient. You see instant results

Clinical Supervision Using Technology Adhering to NHS Guidelines

At its heart, the COVID-19 Virtual Ward app is a simple but powerful app that enables measurement and monitoring of oxygen levels. Using the new COVID-19 nationally recognised scoring system, the app detects early deterioration of patients with COVID-19 in home, primary and community care settings.

Patients most at risk of poor outcomes are best identified by oxygen levels to monitor and identify 'silent hypoxia' identifying any rapid patient deterioration at home and signposting them and their teams to appropriate action.

For Patients

The COVID-19 Virtual Ward is for patients suspected to have or diagnosed with coronavirus. By answering a few questions and recording a few measurements twice a day - cough, wellness, breathing, pulse, temperature and oxygen levels (using an oximeter) - we use the new NHS scoring algorithm to assist patients being managed in a virtual environment to be cared for remotely by their clinical team.

Official advice

The app is updated regularly by our clinical team to ensure it's in-line with the latest official coronavirus advice and guidelines from the NHS and the UK governments Chief Medical Officer and Chief Science Officer.

Official Advice
Symptom Reporting

Symptom reporting

Instantly report your symptoms to clinical teams who will monitor changes in your health, taking pressure off the NHS and helping you stay safe.

Remote monitoring

Your clinical team will be monitoring your condition based on the symptoms and readings you enter.

Regular Reminders


Every time we need to record your symptoms, we'll let you know via a push notification - which you can easily turn off or on in Settings.

Secure messages

Your clinical team can send you messages directly to your app.

Secure Messages

Accessible and user-friendly

We've designed the app to be easy-to-use and accessible, by testing it with patients and ensuring it follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. That means videos are captioned, the text is easy to read, controls are simple, and the app works with text-to-speech applications on your device.

Friendly technical support

In addition to comprehensive FAQs directly accessible within the app, our technical support team are available via phone or email from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays).


COVID-19 Virtual Ward for Healthcare Providers and Care Homes

The COVID-19 Virtual Ward has been designed so providers can set up a virtual ward to enable clinicians to monitor and manage patients diagnosed with or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 without the need for them to visit your GP surgery or hospital. The system is also designed for nursing homes and care homes to monitor their residents easily and efficiently. We can set up your service within 48 hours. T&C apply.

COVID-19 Virtual Ward is already being used in the NHS to monitor patients at home and in care homes, including:

Winchester Rural South Primary Care Network

Waterside Primary Care Network

NHS Vanguard sites across the UK

For Clinicians and Care Homes

COVID-19 Virtual Ward enables you to deliver the very best in patient management, symptom analysis and patient communication on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Enabling you to manage your patients remotely at scale, or in a residential care setting.

Manage your patient population

The patient dashboard shows you all the patients under your care, their current symptoms, oxygen saturation, pulse rate and mNEWS score. Order patients according to priority or use the search tool to find your patients instantly.

patient list
Add patient

Build a report of your patient's symptoms

Patients can either report their symptoms via their app or call their clinician to enable them to record symptoms via the clinician app. Within a nursing or care home setting carers can use the app on their resident's behalf to record symptoms and observations and build a report.

Patient profile

Instantly view key aspects of your patients COVID-19 profile, track their symptoms over time, update their details and send them messages.

patient dashboard

Real-time patient symptom, oxygen saturation and pulse rate tracking

The patient's profile allows you to track their symptoms and physiology over time, making it easy to see changes and to decide when a patient needs extra support.

Send messages or notifications

Send messages to individual patients, identified patient groups or broadcast health messages to your patients for free. Changes you make to the patient record will be sent automatically to your patient in their app.

send message

Export patient data

When a patient has been discharged from the ward you can add the details of their admission to your everyday clinical record using the export data feature.

Improved health care efficiency

View your patients on the local geography using the map function, enabling you to manage your community efficiently prioritising patients most at need. Locate and view your patient's profile either using the clinical dashboard or via map function.

local tile


The app is highly customisable, creating a personalised experience for your patients. Clinical teams can create a 'local tile' to provide regional information to their patients and you can list your contact details in the patient's Customer Support tile, enabling direct communication.


Designed by Respiratory Experts

Led by Dr Simon Bourne, a consultant in respiratory medicine and fellow of the NHS England National Innovation Accelerator and Dr Tom Wilkinson, a Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Southampton, you can rest assured that the COVID-19 Virtual Ward app has been designed and built by experts.


Delivering Quality is Second Nature to Us

Our quality management system (QMS) is a formalised system that documents the processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving our quality commitments and to consistently meet our customer requirements and enhance their satisfaction.

The QMS provides the infrastructure to fulfil our commitment to deliver a safe and quality assessed product and service. A structured and consistent approach to all aspects of quality management allows us to identify potential and known risks throughout the product lifestyle and to implement if required, remedial measures.

We successfully achieve our quality commitments by adopting the considerations to the user experience and their safety. This is why we complete usability testing; hazard recording and escalation processes to evaluate and act on feedback collected. Full details of our QMS can be shared upon request.


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