How to Support Patients from Decision to Operate to Full Recovery

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How to Support Patients from Decision to Operate to Full Recovery

Find out how your patients can use the myOp app during the pre-operative period, and myHeart app in the post-operative period. Turn your waiting lists into preparation lists.

"The latest statistics reveal that 270,229 people were waiting for heart tests and treatment, including invasive heart procedures and heart surgery, at the end of August in England – the 14th consecutive month that numbers have risen."

British Heart Foundation - October 2021

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What's in the eBook?

The Current Challenge

Understand the current challenges for clinical teams and patients awaiting elective recovery.

The Solution

How effective prehabilitation can reduce complications, decrease length of stay and improve efficiency.


Understand what prehabilitation entails for patients and get a full run-down of all the benefits myOp delivers.

How we developed myOp

How we worked with Perioperative experts to co-design and implement myOp within a leading university hospital.

How myHeart can support patients to full recovery

A full product overview and working examples of a post CABG graduated recovery program within myHeart.

What our patients say

Read verbatim feedback from patients and understand how they benefit from my mhealth apps.

See what the experts say

Case Studies from Dorset CCG and insights from Professor Mike Grocott, the deputy-chair of the national Centre for Perioperative Care.


Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is a must-read for anyone working in a healthcare organisation, surgical team, cardiac team, or the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industries.

We explain how to support pre-operative and post-operative patients using cutting-edge digital services.

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