ebook: An Introduction to my mhealth. The Digital Therapeutic Platform.


An Introduction to the my mhealth Digital Therapeutics Platform

my mhealth have already helped thousands of patients and hundreds of clinical teams by providing digital interventions for COPD, heart disease, diabetes and asthma that are proven to improve health outcomes. Find out how we did it.

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What's in the eBook?

Platform Overview

Explore all the components needed to deploy a successful digital therapeutic at a population-scale.

Real World Evidence

See first-hand evidence of improved patient outcomes from CCGs and ICSs in the UK.

Care Pathways using Digital Therapeutics

Understand how digital therapeutics can be used within hybrid models of care that benefit patients and clinical teams.

Remote Patient Monitoring

See how virtual wards are revolutionising secondary and primary care.

Digital Transformation Process

Expert advice on how a five-stage implementation process can maximise patient engagement and create sustainable digital transformation.

Requirements to operate in NHS

Understand which regulations are mandated by the NHS for digital therapeutics providers and how we tick all the boxes.


Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is a must-read for anyone working in a healthcare organisation, or the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industries.

We explain the benefits of digital therapeutics platforms, and how truly personalised healthcare using machine learning, device integration, guideline driven algorithms, and EHR integration is possible right now.

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