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Evaluation MMH-E03

Enhanced home-based pulmonary rehabilitation myCOPD evaluation

Results of a service evaluation by Southend University Hospital using myCOPD to support a home-based pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) programme in several different local locations.

The Enhanced Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme was launched by Southend University Hospital in 2018. The programme was designed to offer a variety of options for patients to complete their PR. This was a new model of care offered to patients who were unable to attend or were waiting for a centre-based course. This provided these patients with an opportunity to undertake an education and exercise course at home, supported by the PR team.

The home-based PR programme recruited 88 patients to the evaluation. 59 of the 88 home-based PR patients chose to include myCOPD , of which 15 (17%) used myCOPD only and 44 (50%) used it in combination with written information and a DVD. The remaining 29 home-based patients did not wish to include myCOPD in their PR programme and were therefore provided with either written information or a DVD.

Home-based completion rates showed that 31 (52.5 %) of the 59 patients using myCOPD at home completed the full PR programme in comparison to 7 (24.1%) of 29 who did not include the app. The COPD Assessment Test (CAT) was used as an outcome measure to explore the impact of the app for those at home. Results showed that all home-based groups saw an improvement in CAT score, however the greatest improvement overall was in the myCOPD alone group with a -3.7 point reduction. CAT score reduction across other groups ranged from -3.6 to -1.9.

Despite small differences observed in CAT score between groups, there was a more than a 100% higher completion rate of the full PR programme in those using myCOPD compared to those who did not.

The app has a structured PR programme for patients to follow at a time that suits them demonstrating the apps diverse capability. In-app notifications can be sent to remind patients to complete their PR programme and clinicians can monitor their progress.

This evaluation supports the significant impact that the myCOPD app can provide to support patients and healthcare service delivery remotely and at scale across different locations. The evaluation also supports the findings from the much larger Trooper Study published in

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