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Evaluation MMH-E02

A real-world multi-centre service evaluation of myDiabetes

Results have led to continued QISMET Accreditation for myDiabetes (QIS2015) and have revealed the app could play an important role in supporting structured patient education delivery for type 2 diabetes following initial diagnosis, and as an ongoing resource.

Together with a large Health and Care Partnership, we led a multi-centre service evaluation to explore the impact of myDiabetes on education course attendance rates. T2DM is a serious and growing problem worldwide and affects more than 3 million people in the UK. Structured education is a large part of managing T2DM to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve blood sugar control.

However, the uptake for education courses has been less than encouraging across the UK. By offering a digital alternative or adjunct to a class-based course those who are unable or prefer not to attend a class-based programme, are able to receive structured education. myDiabetes is an app to support patients and clinicians manage diabetes together, remotely and at scale.

Overall, 83 T2DM patients were recruited by the healthcare team, of which 28 chose to use myDiabetes alone, 35 chose only usual care, and 20 chose to use both. Patient education usage was monitored over a 12-week period. During this evaluation we monitored changes in diabetes related clinical health outcomes where possible, including HbA1c, blood pressure and body mass index. Participants in all three sites were asked to complete the Problem Areas In Diabetes (PAID) questionnaire at the beginning and end of the evaluation to explore markers of improvement in diabetes related distress.

Results showed the app was acceptable in this care setting with 31 of 42 patients using it alone or as an adjunct to usual care. A total of 586 education videos were watched, on average each patient watched 22.5 (SD 19.6) videos. There was a reduction in PAID scores across all arms, with the app only arm showing the greatest improvement. Patients using myDiabetes showed the greatest improvement in HbA1c (-7.5 vs –4.4 mmol/mol), Systolic Blood Pressure (-12.2 vs +3.3 mmHg) and PAID score (-6.8 vs –5.2).

In this real world evaluation myDiabetes performed better than published education course completion rates and resulted in significant improvements in HbA1c and PAID score compared to classed-based programs. This supports the use of myDiabetes to support the delivery of structured based education for patients with type 2 diabetes.

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