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Evaluation MMH-E01

A real-world service evaluation of myHeart

Results of a service evaluation using myHeart in a large London-based acute NHS Trust.

We are pleased to report the outcomes from this recent service evaluation of myHeart and the potential benefit of using the myHeart app to supplement existing cardiac rehabilitation (CR).

Cardiac rehabilitation is an essential evidence-based intervention that supports patient recovery following a cardiac event. It offers patients a structured education and exercise programme to aid recovery and support behavioural changes to help reduce the risk of future cardiac health complications. The myHeart app provides a structure educational and exercise intervention that mirrors current CR service delivery as well as supportive self-management tools.

Overall, 721 patients were invited to participate in 1 of 4 groups (class-based CR, class-based CR with myHeart, home-based CR and home-based CR with myHeart). A total of 584 patients opted to use class-based CR and of these 43 chose to include myHeart to support them with this. There were 137 patients in the home-based group, with 54 choosing to include myHeart alongside their CR.

This 12-week evaluation involved functional, physical and psychological assessments both before and after CR to explore potential changes. Patients were also asked to complete a rating of perceived exertion Borg RPE scale (Borg 6-20). Those in the home-based groups were contacted mid-way through the study.

Results identified three key outcomes:

  1. Blood pressure, cholesterol, LDL, BMI, HbA1c and exercise were all very similar across the groups with marginal differences across each measure.
  2. Drop-out rates (DOR) of patients being invited to attend CR and attending CR were significantly lower in those groups with access to myHeart.
    • Class only: DOR = 58.2% Class + App; DOR = 25.6%
    • Home only: DOR = 73.5% Home + App; DOR = 42.6%
  3. Those patients with access to myHeart and in the home-based group saw the greatest improvement in anxiety and depression scores.

This real-world evaluation provides an encouraging insight into the potential impact of myHeart to supplement CR services, and is suggestive that, as an adjunct to support both class and home-based programmes, myHeart helps to reduce drop-out rates in CR and can assist in reinforcing continuous engagement with CR programmes.

Research Topics

Heart Disease Cardiac Rehabilitation Class-based CR versus home-based CR

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