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Dr Adam Kirk

Dr Adam Kirk

14 Dec, 2020

We’re proud to announce the my mhealth partnership with AstraZeneca to launch HAYA in the UK - an integrated oncology care management platform.

Dr Adam Kirk, Clinical Director at my mhealth announces HAYA and the partnership between my mhealth and AstraZeneca.

HAYA is a new integrated oncology care management platform for patients, clinicians and care centres developed in a partnership between AstraZeneca and my mhealth. HAYA enhances the delivery of care, and improve the outcomes of patients with cancer using digital health as a conduit for the remote management and monitoring of cancer therapies.

HAYA through a single interface combines telemonitoring, teleconsultation and personalised support to give patients easier access to care and to help hospitals manage resources. For patients the app enables them to remotely report their symptoms and observations directly to their clinical teams and feel empowered with an individualised set of digital tools and accessible educational material.

HAYA makes it simpler for patients and their clinical team to communicate using a combination of secure text messaging and video consultation services. These consultations are stored within the app so both the patient and clinical services can retrieve and refer to these consultations and care plans as necessary.

For healthcare professionals the application makes the entire clinical record accessible in a single secure place, incorporating the entire co-scripted record of patient symptoms, treatments, observation, test results and consultations. The clinician dashboard supports remote monitoring of symptoms and observation of patients at a population level, enabling the early identification of issues that may require intervention.

Although Initially developed for patients with lung cancer, HAYA will in the near future support the management of other cancers.

If you want to find out more about HAYA or the my mhealth platform please get in touch here or call us on +44 (0)1202 299 583.


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