myInhaler: the first AI Assistant for Inhalers

Solving the problem of inhaler wastage and adherence.

myInhaler uses AI to detect inhaler types and to provide instructions for use, that have been shown to correct more than 80% of inhaler techniques, supporting reduction of medication waste and to improve adherence.

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The next generation of inhaler instruction is here.

We can help you deliver the next generation of inhaler instruction for your device. myInhaler supports the most widely used devices, with detailed, video instructions by experts for:

  • All metered dose inhalers (MDIs) like Ventolin and Becotide, and the different spacers used with them
  • Turbuhaler
  • Ellipta
  • Easyhaler
  • Respimat
  • Handihaler
  • K-haler
  • NEXThaler
  • Accuhaler
  • Breezhaler
  • Genuair
  • Autohaler

Contact us if your device isn't on the list.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Hold an inhaler in front of the phone’s camera and the app will detect the device type and show the patient how to use it correctly.

Together with smart devices, myInhaler can support patients to:

  • Improve patient symptoms and wellbeing
  • Reduce the risk of exacerbations by improving medication adherence
  • Optimise medication reviews
  • Reduce inhaler wastage

Integrate the myInhaler app into your device strategy.

myInhaler App

High-tech help for people living with COPD and Asthma.

myInhaler is a service provided by my mhealth, the makers of myCOPD and myAsthma. Our apps are used on a daily basis by thousands of people living with COPD and Asthma across the globe.

myCOPD and myAsthma are FDA, HIPPA and MDR compliant digital therapeutics, which means they meet strict regulatory guidelines, have been tested by experts and patients, and proven to have a positive impact on the health and quality of life of people living with COPD and asthma. We’ve published real-world evidence and peer-reviewed randomised controlled trials that prove their efficacy.

If you’d like to find out more about myCOPD and myAsthma please contact us.


myInhaler uses machine learning and AI to identify inhalers.

Here’s how we train our AI.

Step 1

We train our AI gradually using thousands of images of inhalers - shot at different angles, on various surfaces and in multiple lighting conditions.

Step 2

The AI learns the differences between all the inhalers. It’s so precise it can identify inhalers that are very similar in shape, size and colour.

Step 3

Rigorous testing and training perfects the AI’s ability to identify an inhaler. We negative train the AI with over 715,000 images of other objects to avoid false detections.

Step 4

When the AI recognises an inhaler and can tell the difference between the all the types available, we add it to our app - along with a video user-guide made by experts.


We use Unity Barracuda, a lightweight cross-platform neural network inference library to serve as an interface between the machine learning model and the core functionality of the Unity app.


Delivering a 'Net Zero' Health Service

Understanding the link between climate change and human health, in October 2020, the NHS became the first healthcare provider in the world to commit to delivering a net zero national health system. This means improving healthcare while reducing harmful carbon emissions, and investing in efforts that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Inhalers account for 3% of NHS carbon emissions, and if we can help people take their medication correctly we can begin to bring this down. In fact the NHS Net Zero target is to reduce CO2 emissions by 225 ktCO2e via research, innovation and offsetting1.

myInhaler is one such innovation.

1. Source: Delivering a 'Net Zero' National Health Service.


Are you a device manufacturer or pharmaceutical company?

If you want to add your inhaler to the myInhaler app, please contact us to find out more.

We’ll train our AI to detect your device and film the accompanying instruction video. We use a state-of-the-art film studio and machine learning system that helps our AI detect your inhaler and distinguish it from other objects. It takes many hours to complete the training but the end result is a smart AI that knows it’s MDIs from it’s DPIs - and is the first of its kind for my mhealth.


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