MyCOPD is available at zero cost for selected patients through the NHS England Innovation and Technology Tariff.

“NHS England has identified myCOPD as the only self-management software solution which currently meets the specification”

- NHS England

NHS England will fund licences for patients with a diagnosis of severe / very severe COPD up to a maximum of 20% of the total COPD patient population per CCG.

The following patient groups are eligible:

1. New COPD patients referred to an acute pathway managed by community or secondary care

2. Existing COPD patients on the acute pathway managed by community or secondary care

CCGs can order licences directly from us at zero cost, up to the limit specified above.

The definition of severe and very severe COPD has been left for the local teams to define.

Patients with FEV1<50%

Patients requiring ambulatory oxygen or LTOT

Patients suffering with an acute exacerbation that requires hospital admission

Patients requiring urgent referral to Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Patients discharged from hospital (this also helps with the delivery for secondary care of the new Best Practice Tariff)

“NHS England recognises that significant gains can be made in primary care and the community.”

- NHS England