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Digital therapeutics for long-term conditions

Join our mission to change healthcare forever

Empower your patients and clinical teams to manage long-term conditions using clinically proven digital therapeutics. Our tried and tested interventions increase the capacity of conventional services to improve the health of all patients.

Improve outcomes. Reduce costs. Increase capacity.

Long-term conditions account for over 70% of global health expenditure.

Our multi-morbidity digital health platform is a population-scale solution for the long-term conditions that have the most impact on patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers.

We enable healthcare providers to scale and meet the needs of patients without the need for investment in staff, multiple platforms or infrastructure.

On average, patients receive 15 minutes with their clinical team per year to help manage their long term condition. Our digital therapeutics provide round the clock access to proven medical interventions that reduces impact on healthcare services and improves patients symptoms and outcomes.


Personalised interventions. Population-scale digital therapeutics.

We deliver population-scale health care interventions that meet the needs of individual patients. Digital health widens your network of healthcare services by switching the approach from one-to-one, to one-to-many.

Our simple on-boarding process assesses the patient through validated, patient-reported outcomes measures, health assessments and data collected from medical devices.

Patients are then provided with a unique and tailored evidence-based digital intervention that's proven to improve health outcomes and reduce health service dependence.

80% of patients registered by their clinical teams on our platform become highly engaged and active users.

In England last year, our digital therapeutics delivered 55,000 pulmonary rehab classes and 250,000 educational sessions at a time when almost all conventional services were cancelled during the pandemic.


A complete clinical solution.

Medicine optimisation

Help patients understand how and when to take their medication and improve adherence.


Evidence-based rehabilitation delivered to patients in the comfort of their own home - increasing your capacity. Read more about digitally enhanced cardiac rehab and pulmonary rehab.


Improve patients understanding and health using personalised and accredited education - empowering them to manage their condition.

Risk factor modification

Reduce the risk of long-term complications, hospital admissions and re-admissions - freeing up health services.


Condition-specific interventions, coping strategies, lifestyle advice and mental wellness pathways give patients more freedom.

Regular assessment

Validated condition-specific assessments at timed intervals that generates personalised advice and automates conventional review processes - saving you time.

Care planning

Automated and customisable condition-specific care plans - so patients recognise their symptoms and understands how to manage them.

Multi-morbidity platform

A single platform with access to specific interventions for COPD, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, COVID-19.



Here's just some of the feedback we've received from patients and clinical teams.

This use of technology has made a huge difference to the people we care for by ensuring that our services and staff are more efficient. Patient's families are more involved and are supporting their loved ones to learn how to use the apps.

Lisa, Southend University Hospital

Using myDiabetes has enabled us to offer patients an alternative to face-to-face education which has been extremely comforting for patients. It's great to have another tool and we feel reassured that patients are not going to miss out on the advice they need.

Clarissa, NELFT Diabetes Service

We offer the myCOPD app to all of our COPD patients. Since pulmonary rehab has been suspended due to the coronavirus, we have recommended patients use the app for pulmonary rehab.

Ruth, Mid and South Essex STP

This is the first time I have been given a self-management plan and medicines at home for my COPD. When I had an episode it was a bit daunting but I noticed that I recovered quicker and didn't need to go into hospital or bother my GP.

Celia, 73, Southampton

Since starting myCOPD both myself, my wife and my family have noticed how much more I can do. I watch the videos to make sure I take my inhalers correctly and have started exercising three times a week using the videos. Now I can walk faster than my wife!

Michael, 74, Havant

I look forward to using it every day. Each day I use the myCOPD symptom tracker, Medication Diary and COPD Assessment Test. This helps me to check my current and recent results, especially when I'm not feeling well.

Anon, West Suffolk

The app provides a whole set of easy to use self-management tools, access to educational resources and targeted evidence-based information and advice. It is designed to complement existing health care services and gives people digital access to tools to better manage their conditions for the general improvement of their health and wellbeing.

Rose Naylor, Jersey's Chief Nurse

On average, 60% of patients have logged-in every single day, with over 800 educational video views per week. Our experience in the respiratory team is that the my mhealth app is very easy to use. It has given patients increased confidence to manage long-term conditions.

Duarte Viera, Respiratory Nurse Specialist, Jersey

It’s important that we continue to evolve services to ensure we make the best care available. myDiabetes provides an easy-to-use digital self-management tool, with access to an educational programme, targeted evidence-based information and advice. It is designed to complement our existing diabetes services and gives all who use it digital access to tools to better manage their condition.

Ian Butcher, Kent & Medway Diabetes & CVD Transformation and Development Manager


Unlock unlimited healthcare with the Digital Hub.

Bridge the gap between patient need and clinical capacity by ensuring digital therapeutics are available to all with our Digital Hub subscription.

Digital Hub enables you to distribute the platform to every patient. You'll see a return on your investment from day one.

Our Digital Health Advisers assist you every step of the way. From digital pathway transformation to on-boarding patients at scale. We can help you transition from your current service delivery models to one that delivers best-in-class care at a population level.

Read more about Digital Health Advisers.


Sync healthcare data seamlessly

Compliance, synchronisation and data collection has never been easier. We can connect securely with any healthcare system through OpenAPI or HL7® FHIR standards.

Turbu +

Effortlessly sync inhaler usage data via the Turbu+ Bluetooth enabled inhaler.


Blood pressure and body composition data is easily transferred from digital monitors and scales.

Gluco RX

Simplify diabetes management with affordable Bluetooth enabled blood glucose meters.


Seamlessly sync blood glucose readings with the easy to handle WaveSense JAZZ Blood Glucose Meter.


Track physical activity and store in your health records to support rehabilitation.

NHS Digital

Pairing integration with IM1, enabling two-way data transfer between electronic health records.

View all of our supported integrated devices here.


Your questions answered.

Which diseases does the platform support?

We provide both clinician and patient platforms for COPD, asthma, heart disease, diabetes and COVID-19. We're launching a digital therapeutic to reduce post-operative complications, and an oncology platform to support home-based chemotherapy treatment as add-ons this year too.

Who can access the platform?

Anyone can access the platform, but we don't sell licenses direct to patients. If you're a patient and want access, please ask your GP. If you're a health service you may already have a license - please check with your commissioning team or contact us.

How much does the platform cost?

We offer our platform on a subscription basis from as little as £2.50 per diagnosed patient per year. Please contact us for further details.

Can I get a trial or demo?

We don't offer free trials but we can give you a full demo of our entire platform. Please get in touch to arrange a demo. Demos can be given over Microsoft Teams, Zoom or in-person where possible.

Will this take up too much of my time?

No, in fact it will save you the time to deliver patient reviews, interventions and consultations by up to 75% and achieve the same, if not better outcomes than conventional healthcare delivery.

What evidence is there for the efficacy of the platform?

Multiple clinical evaluations and real-world trials have shown our platform to be effective. With studies published on NPJ Partner Journals, ERS Journals and BMJ Open, we're confident that we can help your patients. Read the research.

Is the platform MHRA compliant?

Yes. Our platform is a class one medical device and is compliant with the applicable MHRA MDR standards. What's more we're UKCA marked, NICE and NIA compliant and Cyber Essentials certified.

How secure is patient's data?

We take data security and privacy seriously. With full encryption at rest and in transit, namespace segregation at cluster orchestration level and compliant data erasing. OAuth 2.0 and OpenId connect is used for authentication. Patients can opt in or out of our data sharing agreement and are protected by local data privacy laws.

Will this be a technical challenge?

Not at all. We've designed the platform to be very user friendly and we can provide training, or you can use our free online training portal. If you can use social media or Google, you can use our platform.

How do I sign up and get started?

The first step is to arrange a call with one of our team who can answer all your questions and start you on your path. In most cases we can get you up and running in just a few days.


Press and media.


1 Nov, 2023

Pilot Study Paves the Way for Deployment of myAsthma across NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.

NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough has chosen the myAsthma app for widespread deployment across the ICS.

Read more here.


22 Sept, 2023

my mhealth and Kent & Medway ICB extend their successful 3 year partnership

Following the successful delivery of myDiabetes across Kent and Medway, which has seen over 12,000 individuals provided with access to support their ongoing self-management, my mhealth and Kent and Medway ICB have agreed on a new partnership.

Read more here.


20 May, 2023

PROPEL myCOPD Exploring the Implementation of myCOPD in NHS Respiratory Services

Following bid writing support from the West of England AHSN, SBRI Healthcare, an Accelerated Access Collaborative initiative.

Read more here.

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