Telehealth teams can now activate telehealth functions in our disease management apps.

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A next generation telehealth system

This Telehealth app is activated by local telehealth clinical teams. This app is used with the my mhealth long-term condition (COPD, Asthma, Diabetes and Heart disease) apps and enables the comprehensive monitoring required in telehealth services. Self-management, rehabilitation, comprehensive education and telehealth in a single system. Costs are significantly reduced (by almost 90%) because the platform can be used on almost any device that can connect to the internet.

For Patients

As well as being provided comprehensive disease specific apps, patients will receive an app to assist them in monitoring their...

Oxygen Saturation

Oxygen sats

Blood pressure

Blood Pressure

Pulse Rate

Pulse rate





Sputum color

Sputum Colour

Send Messages

My messages

Telehealth team

Local Telehealth Tile

A local telehealth tile contains information about your service, as well as local information relevant to the patient. These are made just for your team.

For Clinicians

MyTelehealth for clinicians enables you to monitor your patient population.

Use the patient list to monitor for changes in observations

Review and respond to messages sent to you by patients through the app in our 2 way messaging chat service.

Review the patient profile to see a quick overview of current observations and trends. Set and change targets.

In the patient’s menu, select disease specific dashboards to view each of their conditions e.g. if monitoring a patient with COPD, view current medication and CAT scores, change and customise their medication/self-management plan, or see their progress through the online education and rehab course.

And much more!

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