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A global initiative to improve cancer care.

What is the myRx programme?

myRx has been developed to solve many of the issues facing oncology professionals, cancer care centres and people living with cancer. The app can:

  • Improve patient support, quality of care and outcomes through easy access to care using a convenient and personalised app. By using this app, patients experience better support and motivation leading to improved adherence.
  • Enhance cancer care through seamless connectivity. The app can support real-time monitoring of patients’ reported symptoms and observations providing a greater and immediate oversight. myRx can provide evidence for clinical decision making and rationalise hospital visits.
  • Increase hospital efficiency by optimising the use of clinicians’ time and reducing administrative complexity. By contributing to the running of a service, myRx aims to alleviate pressure on cancer care teams.
  • Provide invaluable insights into patient, clinician and service needs by creating a rich and comprehensive dataset. This in turn enables these groups to benefit on an individual, professional or service level.

Designed for both patients and clinicians, the app has been created to support people with or caring for people with cancer. By focussing on monitoring and supporting patient well-being, education and the relationship between patients and their clinical teams, the app aims to ease the burden associated with dealing with cancer.

The app provides a personalised experience for patients, bringing them and their healthcare teams closer together.

Within the app, patients can:

  • Report their symptoms and observations
  • Make notes before, during or after a meeting or intervention, to refer to later and keep as a record.
  • Communicate with their clinical team using secure video chat and text messaging.
  • Access general and specific information and education on topics associated with lung cancer (with other cancer diagnoses supported later this year).
  • Complete a Concerns Checklist that highlights problem areas to their clinical team and enables the creation of a personalised cancer care plan to tackle or alleviate the problem areas identified.

For healthcare professionals, the app supports direct care to each individual, and to groups of patients.

Through the app, healthcare professionals can:

  • Enter, review and export information and reports for every patient.
  • Configure when and which symptoms or observations are being reported.
  • Keep notes regarding patient care or interactions, supporting building the Treatment Summary.
  • Communicate through one-way, two-way or video consultations.
  • Triage elective and non-elective demand, supporting workload management and service delivery, providing the Personalised Stratified Follow-up (PSFU).

Pathway Integration of the my mhealth myRx App

The app is utilised by the patient and healthcare team.

Here is our recommended pathway:

Pathway Integration of myRx Treatment App


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